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The following is a collection of Hotline protocol extensions discovered or documented in various third party Hotline clients, servers, and trackers. Please note that some of these may clash with other extensions described here, should you wish to implement them. Some are documented, but unused, however.

This page is an active work in progress and is incomplete.

Hotline Open Protocol Extensions (HOPE)[edit | edit source]

HOPE is implemented primarily in various distributions of HXD. It offers an advanced layer of security over vanilla Hotline using cryptography.

HOPE Transaction Types[edit | edit source]

File Hash (3808)

Initiator: Client

ID Field Name
201 File Name
202 File Path
203 File Resume Data
3712 MD5 Hash
3713 HAVAL Hash
3714 SHA1 Hash

HOPE Transaction Fields[edit | edit source]

Session Key (3587)

MAC Algorithm (3588)

Type: String

Can be one of: "HMAC-MD5", "HMAC-SHA1", "MD5", or "SHA1"

SID (3687)

MD5 Hash (3712)

Type: Binary

HAVAL Hash (3713)

Type: Binary

SHA1 Hash (3714)

Type: Binary

Icon cicn (3728)

Chat Away (3745)

Type: Integer

Server Cipher Algorithm (3777)

Type: String

Can be one of: "BLOWFISH", "IDEA", "RC4", or "NONE" (0)

Client Cipher Algorithm (3778)

Type: String

Can be one of: "BLOWFISH", "IDEA", "RC4", or "NONE" (0)

Server Cipher Mode (3779)

Client Cipher Mode (3780)

Server Cipher IVEC (3781)

Type: Binary

Client Cipher IVEC (3782)

Type: Binary

Server Checksum Algorithm (3783)

Client Checksum Algorithm (3784)

Server Compression Algorithm (3785)

Type: String

Can be one of: "GZIP" or "NONE" (0)

Client Compression Algorithm (3786)

Type: String

Can be one of: "GZIP" or "NONE" (0)

Avaraline extensions[edit | edit source]

Avaraline seems to have additions relating to either custom or animated icons using the GIF format, with a few other additions. HXD has incorporated support for it.

Avaraline Transaction Types[edit | edit source]

Icon list (1861)

Initiator: Client

Set icon (1862)

Initiator: Client

Get icon (1863)

Initiator: Client

Icon change (1864)

Initiator: Server

Link login (2048)

Initiator: Server

Link join (2049)

Initiator: Server

Link leave (2050)

Initiator: Server

Link packet (2051)

Initiator: Server

Get news unformatted (2149)

Initiator: Client

Get user info unformatted (2160)

Initiator: Client

Account self modify (2304)

Initiator: Client

Permission list (2305)

Initiator: Client

Avaraline Transaction Fields[edit | edit source]

GIF Icon (768)

Type: Binary

GIF List (769)

Type: Binary

Offset (793)

Limit (794)

Count (795)

News Limit (800)

Search (1024)

Color (1280)

Type: Integer

Packet (1536)

Post (2048)

Post ID (2049)

Permission Group (2128)

Permissions (2129)

IP Address (2304)

GLoarbLine extensions[edit | edit source]

GLoarbLine is a derivative of the official Hotline source code which adds minimal HOPE support along with new account permissions and some misc. packets

GLoarbLine Transaction Types[edit | edit source]

Icon change (123)

Nickname change (124)

Fake red (125)

Away (126)

myTran_CrazyServer (127)

Block download (128)

Visibility (129)

Admin spector (130)

Standard message (131)

Edit news article (412)

GLoarbLine Transaction Fields[edit | edit source]

Icon ID (117)

Nickname (118)

Fake Red (119)

Away (120)

Block Download (121)

Visible (122)

Admin Spector (123)

Standard Message (124)

GLoarbLine Privilege Bits[edit | edit source]

GLoarbLine introduces a few new privilege bits in addition to the official privilege bits.

All privs on looks like this.

In Hex 'FF F3 CF EF FF FF FE 00'
Bit Description New user default
12 Show in user list
11 Can close chat
10 Can create chat
21 Can send private messages
20 Can change own password
46 Can fake admin
45 Can go away
44 Can change nickname
43 Can change icon
42 Can speak before
41 Can refuse chat
40 Can block downloads
54 Can be invisible
53 Can view invisible users
52 Can flood
51 Can view own drop box
50 Exempt from queue
49 Admin spector
48 Can post before

PHXD extensions[edit | edit source]

Catkiller's PHXD server adds a single addition to Hotline's transaction fields to support an IRC bridge, along with supporting HOPE and Avaraline (mostly).

PHXD Transaction Fields[edit | edit source]

Old IRC Nickname (1024)