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Compiled by Virtual1, from multiple sources

Privs are stored in the UserData file located in the users folder. All the priv data is stored in binary 1's & 0's taking up 8 bytes (4th byte thru 11th). The bytes are the 4th thru 7th Bytes in the Userdata file, space for up to 64 privs. Only the first six bytes are currently used.

In the following description 1 denotes the highest bit (leftmost) in a byte. If priv #1 is the only one enabled, then the byte is chr(128).

All privs on looks like this.

In Hex 'FF F3 CF FF FF 80 00 00'
Bit Description New user default
7 Can Delete Files
6 Can Upload Files yes
5 Can Download Files yes
4 Can Rename Files
3 Can Move Files
2 Can Create Folders
1 Can Delete Folders
0 Can Rename Folders
15 Can Move Folders
14 Can Read Chat yes
13 Can Send Chat yes
12 Reserved (not used)
11 Reserved (not used)
10 Reserved (not used)
9 Can Create Users
8 Can Delete Users
23 Can Read Users
22 Can Modify Users
21 Reserved (not used)
20 Reserved (not used)
19 Can read news yes
18 Can Post News yes
17 Can Disconnect Users
16 Cannot be Disconnected
31 Can Get User Info
30 Can Upload Anywhere
29 Can Use Any Name yes
28 Don't Show Agreement
27 Can Comment Files
26 Can Comment Folders
25 Can View DropBoxes
24 Can Make Aliases
39 Can Broadcast
38 Can delete news articles
37 Can create news categories
36 Can delete news categories
35 Can create news folders
34 Can delete news folders
33 Can upload folders
32 Can download folders
47 Send messages
46 Reserved (not used)
45 Reserved (not used)
44 Reserved (not used)
43 Reserved (not used)
42 Reserved (not used)
41 Reserved (not used)
40 Reserved (not used)

UserData file, 734 bytes total:

Position Default What
1-2 0001 short(PrefsVersion)
3-4 0000 short(minimum server version that can access correctly
5-12 20700C2000800000 priv bits (above)
13-526 (zeros) reserved for future expansion
527-530 00000005 long(nickname length)
531-562 'Guest' string(nickname)
563-662 (zeros) reserved for future expansion
663-666 00000005 long(account name length)
667-698 'guest' string(account name)
699-702 00000000 long(password length)
703-734 (blank) string(password)