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AppWarrior is the toolkit in which the Hotline client/server/tracker suite is built off of. It is heavily undocumented, but if you have Doxygen, there's a Doxyfile for AppWarrior's API here as well as one for GLoarbLine's additions here. As it stands, AppWarrior requires Metrowerks CodeWarrior to build and is configured to target Mac OS Classic PPC, Mac OS X Carbon PPC, and Windows x86, all 32-bit.

A good chunk of AppWarrior's API predates C++'s standard library, standarized in 1998, and as such, much of this API has more efficient alternatives, either from the standard library included with modern C++ compilers, while the GUI and more exotic components have better alternatives with libraries such as Qt or Boost, all of which have vastly more modern platform support than AppWarrior.

Naming Conventions[edit | edit source]

Identifiers in AppWarrior follow a naming convention. Classes, structs and their member functions are PascalCased, while their variables and typed constants are camelCased. Macros and preprocessor symbols are mostly CAPITALIZED_SNAKE_CASE with a few exceptions. Global functions seem to be lowercased. Enumeration constants seem to be in snake_camelCase style.

Prefix Applies to
C Instantiable classes
S Structures
T Function type aliases, as well as classes which are constructed through a modular class
U Modular classes (all static functions)