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24 April 2024

3 January 2024

  • curprev 16:2316:23, 3 January 2024Lostarch talk contribs 1,428 bytes −29 →‎Active Trackers undo
  • curprev 14:4014:40, 3 January 2024Lostarch talk contribs 1,457 bytes +1,457 Created page with "Trackers are applications that register and list servers so that they can be found by Hotline clients. ==Active Trackers== '''Private Trackers''': ''(These require a password to have your server listed in them, but are visible and usable from any Hotline client)'' *As of right now, no private trackers exist anymore. '''Public Trackers''':'' (Add these to your sever to allow it to be found by clients)'' * - The main/original tracker, now hosted by the users..."